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ABOUT Flat Tire Productions

FLAT TIRE PRODUCTIONS is dedicated to providing quality entertainment and giving the West Indian community the opportunity to have their voices heard through theater, film and television.


FLAT TIRE PRODUCTIONS is comprised of a group of talented individuals from the vibrant Indo-Caribbean community in New York City that share a love for the arts. 


FLAT TIRE traces its origin to the 2004 production of Sacrifice, awarded the Best Feature Film at the Indo-American Arts Council Film Festival.  In 2007, FLAT TIRE was awarded Best Feature Film again for Truth at the Long Island Big Fish Film Festival. Premiering at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in 2007 and with much acclaim to sold-out crowds in New York City in January 2008, Karma: A Love Story was the first FLAT TIRE film to be produced both in Guyana and New York and garner international recognition.

Since its inception, FLAT TIRE has also produced eleven stage plays under the direction of theater veteran Mahadeo Shivraj and later under award-winning director Frankie Sooknanan, launched and "Liberty Avenue Singles," and created the phenomenal "Buttahflap: Fresh-Baked West Indian Comedy" live sketch comedy show which toured for two years.  In Spring 2017, Flat Tire returned to the stage with Love Bites, a collection of one-act plays.  The team is currently in post-production on several video projects, planning virtual workshops, and scripting.

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